On Point is the industry leader, best in class, consumer intercept, live event and activation technology group. Our proven propriety technology method, blended with our event specialists, focuses on enhancing the customer experience while magnifying the path to purchase through a simple but fun and engaging interaction that resonates with audiences. 

On Point promotes, identifies, and matches transactions through micro-marketing, nationally scaled. On Point segmentation practices addresses customer needs directly and specifically with TCPA compliance and acquiring full permissions to engage with the customer via SMS, email and phone campaigns. Our penetration rates and documented performance is world class. Now engage and connect with the customer in a meaningful and deeper way, and in return, create a loyal customer by activation and transaction.

Promotes live consumer engagement, experiential activations, and conversions at major sports and live events throughout the country, transforming the entertainment space into a valuable lead-generation environment.

Delivers advanced campaign strategies to hyper-target with remarkable accuracy ensuring that we are reaching the right person, in the right context, and at the right time. 



On Point utilizes both our live event and digital platforms, to collect actionable data from engaged consumers on behalf of our partners.

On Point builds custom audiences to deliver desired KPI’s, targeting both the English and Hispanic consumer markets.

On Point provides our partners with a team of professionals to guide them from campaign design to execution.

On Point delivers direct response consumer campaigns with an assurance of accuracy, accountability and results.

On Point is committed to operating in a consumer-centric, consumer-friendly, and compliant manner.




Proprietary software captures demographic, psychographic, and geographic consumer data at live events and online.


We provide services for inspecting, cleansing, transforming, and appending data.


Focused on developing relationships with buyers at every stage of the sales funnel.


Evaluate the feasibility of new products or services via research conducted directly with potential consumers.



Data modeling and analysis with the goal of discovering useful information leading to informed decisions.


Compliant advanced methods for collecting demographic, psychographic, and geographic consumer data.


Telemarketing services available for partners seeking direct marketing campaigns.


Telemarketing services available for partners seeking direct marketing campaigns.

We provide a scalable live event lead generation platform within sports and entertainment facilities delivering active and engaged first-person consumer data.

Our proprietary phone number verification system authenticates a user’s phone number in real-time ensuring accurate, compliant consumer information.

Live event sales leads are generated in exclusive locations throughout North America. Growth to 20+ Major venues Nationwide expected by end of 2022.

Multiple consumer touchpoints are available for our partners to utilize, including email, phone, SMS, and direct mail.

We utlize multiple data collection pathways which surpass all safety and compliance requirements.

• QR Code • Short Code • Kiosk

Our digital platform delivers our partners’ message directly to consumers to drive an intent-based response for their products or services.

We utilize first-party data appended with key demographic / psychographic data points to create hyper-targeted custom audiences with above-average conversion rates.

Active and experienced in both the English and Hispanic consumer markets.

We utilize a multi-channel campaign strategy of programmatic, social-based display ads, google PPC, email, streaming services, banner ads, podcasts, etc.

All campaigns are optimized in real-time based on a consumer’s online activity. We reach prospects via mobile, desktop, tablet, & smart TV (OTT).




We are a performance-based model and deliver our direct response consumer campaigns with an assurance of compliance, accuracy, and reliability.


Our performance-based fee options allow us to meet your acquisition cost targets (CPL, CPA, etc.).


We specialize in the collection of compliant, intent-based, opt-in consumer data at live events and online.


We generate engaged consumers which are then further modeled into custom audiences and funneled into our omni-channel marketing campaigns to provide a complete solution for branding and revenue growth.


As a leader in data collection for English-speaking audiences, we are proud to have expanded our efforts to address the underserved Hispanic market.  We have an entire team of professionals tasked with the creation of culturally-specific marketing strategies to engage with this demographic.


Our platforms gather experiential & aspirational focused consumers that are active buyers.


On Point maintains strict adherence to federal and state compliance requirements from our secure collection process through to our storage and distribution of custom audience information.



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